At SKP, we know plastics best. SKP employs a group business strategy that maximises the economies of scale of our centralised core services which includes manufacturing, procurement, logistics and customised market-specific capabilities offered through industry-specific design, engineering, and original design and manufacturing (ODM) services.

Armed with a wide array of manufacturing capabilities, state-of-the-art technologies and a professionally-trained technical team, we provide services from the conception of your product to assembly and international shipment, including:

  • New product development
  • Full-service engineering consultation and support
  • Prototype creation
  • Mould design and fabrication
  • Close-tolerance plastic injection
  • Advance secondary process operation for cosmetic and appearance finish
  • Component assembly
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Quality assurance

The company offers manufacturing and assembly services to several markets including automotive, computing, consumer, and medical. In addition, the company operates a tool fabrication unit that cuts mould and die for (OEM) manufacturer.

SKP utilises cutting-edge technology at the forefront of robotic and automation development, extending beyond the injection moulding process to fabrication and even advanced secondary operations. We boast 120 to 280 ton Electric Injection moulding machines, self-developed spray painting facilities, and even an in-house robotics research and development team that produces industry-leading solutions exactly to clients' requirements.

SKP brings together a team of the best minds in the electrical and mechanical engineering and even design consultation. With these industry-leading technologies in place, we assure clients of advanced quality control, infallible consistency, and reduced cycle times for production work or projects of any scope and size.

Our word is only as good as the people we deliver for, and for that we count world- renowned brands such as Dyson, Panasonic, Sharp, Pioneer, Sony and Fujitsu within our stable of prestigious clientele. Their products are our pride and the joy of end-users worldwide who enjoy SKP's guarantee and assurance of quality.


Our relationship with our clients is based on absolute trust. SKP boasts a clientele with brands from off ice automation equipment, IT equipment, audio/visual equipment, home appliances, automotive components, medical equipment, and computer peripherals.