Design & Engineering

Our in-depth technical expertise in design and engineering enables you to launch a competitive and innovative product that defines the market at reduced costs.


When it comes to designing a product, we get it right the first time. We turn challenges into cost-effective design solutions that meet your requirements, providing you with the competitive edge to stand out amongst the rest.

Schematic Modelling and Signal Integrity

What makes a normal product into a game-changer is in the ability to market it faster and more eff icient than anyone else. Our design analysis services can help you stay ahead of your competitors by identifying and resolving issues during the schematic entry and layout process.

Using state-of- the-art equipment, we are able to help you address design challenges from the get go. Our attention to detail, responsiveness to schedule requirements and analysis results all contribute toward helping you realise your product's true potential.


We have the vast knowledge and extensive engineering expertise in product development, test technology, assembly technology, quality and reliability that can help accelerate the production process of your product and reducing overall product cost without compromising on quality.


We are at the forefront of microelectronics, which gives us the privilege to offer solutions that help achieve product miniaturisation, improved performance and lower-cost options for high-reliability applications in many different industries.

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience and having been recognised for our stringent quality standards, you can bank on us to provide you with the best products and services so that you can compete in your respective markets.