Quality Principles

"As far as quality is concerned, SKP aims to satisfy the highest of demands, ensured by a finely tuned integral quality and environment management system. The standard of our products, procedures and services is determined by the following principles":

Customer Focus

We maintain close ties with our customers and know their actual needs because it is these needs that play the decisive role in the design of our products and services. Technically competent advice and excellent service are further standards with which SKP raises customer satisfaction.

Process Optimization, Avoidance of Errors

To ensure a constant high level of quality, we work with standardized key processes and core products. The constant control and analysis of these procedures serves as basis for measures for improvement where DFMEA come into play.

The principle of avoiding errors instead of correcting errors plays a central role here, where we perform PFMEA. Apart from systematic project management, we therefore also apply various methods and techniques where our employees participate in course such as six sigma. They are supplemented by qualification and validation of production processes and close cooperation with suppliers in order to integrate their work precisely in our overall procedures. All together ensure that a product satisfies requirements and reaches the specified standard of quality.

All SKP employees are urged to play an active role in securing the quality of processes, products and services in their work environment. The promotion of this awareness of quality and sense of responsibility is a management task at SKP. The management ensures that the company's quality policy and related systems are understood and communicated actively. Regular further training and the process of continuous improvement that is anchored firmly in our production operations also contribute to raising the sense of responsibility and motivation of our workforce.

New Product Development

At SKP, we fully understand your needs in turning your ideas into commercial realities. No stranger to the new product development process, we firmly believe in incorporating a holistic approach that includes idea generation, product design, and detail engineering on one hand, as well as market research and marketing analysis on the other.

Having been approached with an idea and prototype drawings, our experienced engineering team kick-starts the development process through internal idea generation and brainstorming to determine feasibility while eliminate unsound concepts prior to committing development resources to the project. SKP's years of experience allow us to use concept development and testing to identify the best and most economical materials needed to ensure cost-savings to our clients, which further translates into better margins during the go-to-market stage.

SKP's attention to detail provides for small-scale beta testing that allows us to produce physical prototypes or mock-ups for an actual experience, so that our clients can evaluate if any changes are necessary before production. Our adherence to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14000 standards meet all clients' requirements for safety and level of quality throughout the development process.

Once complete, SKP's commitment to our clients includes assistance in forecasting volumes, expected revenue, and profit margins of the new product as a value-added service.

Full-Service Engineering

Every different project requires a different solution. Likewise, every client's specifications and requirements also vary from one to another.

Understanding this, SKP fully understands that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for the projects we are entrusted with.

As such, SKP has gathered a pool of engineers from a wide range of disciplines including civil, mechanical, electrical, design, and systems engineering to offer all-in-one, full-service capabilities to our clients from the earliest stages of conceptual product design to product issue troubleshooting.

Our systems and engineers are on standby at any time for consultation and problem solving. Utilising state-of-the-art testing equipment and logic controllers, our quality control department is able to replicate any potential product failures under stringent compliance to clients' specifications. Our engineering team can also be deployed worldwide to our clients' locations to ensure hands-on consultation and direct technical assistance for our clients.

Our expertise and technical leadership is further underscored by our in-house robotics research and development team that has produced some of the groundbreaking technology that SKP currently applies within our own production processes. Allow our engineering expertise to be the cornerstone of your success.