The Board of Directors acknowledges the importance of a corporate culture that emphasises on good corporate social responsibility as well as to practice and contribute positively towards safety, sustainable environment and society.


The Group complies with environmental legislations and statutory regulations in all jurisdictions in which we operate and adopt responsible environmental practices.

Majority of the Group manufacturing sites were accredited with ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001:2004 certifications.

The Group has undertaken various measures during the year to minimise any adverse environmental impact from manufacturing operations and waste disposals.


The Group plays its role as a socially responsible corporate citizen in the community whenever the need arises. The Group shall continue to contribute and support by providing financial assistance to various non-profitable organisations, schools and individuals.

During the year, the Group made a total contributions and donations of RM68,050 to various welfare organisations and other worthy causes such as:

  • Contributions to Charity Dinner for Stellar Night and Lovely Disable Home
  • Donation to Charity Golf Club 2015, Kelab Golf Batu Pahat and Commercial House Batu Pahat Charity Golf Club
  • Contribution to 13th Chinese Chamber of Commerce Batu Pahat Bulletin; and
  • Donations to non-governmental organisations for religion, culture and welfare activities


The Group is fully concerned about the importance of having a safe and good working environment and thus believes that effective control of occupational and industrial hazards will secure the safety, health and welfare of employees.

Companies of the Group are encouraged to implement Occupational Safety & Health Management, thus providing a higher level of safety and health in the workplace through education, research and control.


As one (1) of a company's best assets is its employees, the Group recognises that the know-how, skill and expertise of employees contribute to the Group's intellectual capital and competitive advantages. The Group constantly nurtures its human capital with skills and intellectual development by on the job training and workshops. The Group is committed to provide equality of opportunity to all existing and prospective employees without unlawful or unfair discrimination against gender, race, religion or physical handicaps.


The Group will continuously pursue perfect quality in the development and innovation of new products to meet the steep challenges in the market place.